Kim Kardashian Is Being Body-Shamed for Her ‘Gangrene’ Toes in This Bikini Photo

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images

The Kardashian-Jenners’ toes can’t catch a break. Two months after Kendall Jenner was viciously body-shamed for her toes on Instagram, the model’s older sister, Kim Kardashian, is facing heat for her “gangrene”-looking pedicure, and the comments aren’t pretty.

On Sunday, the 37-year-old reality star celebrated a year of hardcore workouts with a bikini picture of her lounging on a beach. Kim’s Instagram featured a shout-out to her personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, whom she thanked for whipping her body into shape. But it wasn’t Kim’s bikini body nor cellulite-free thighs that caught the internet’s attention—it was her toes.

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Shortly after Kim posted the picture on Twitter and Instagram, fans zoomed into her feet to point out her “nasty” yellow manicure. The comments ranged from people comparing Kim’s toenails to “popcorn kernels” and “gangrene” to those who recommended her medication to clear her “fungus.” Others teased Kim for being wealthy yet neglecting to give her feet a pedicure.

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Though Kim hasn’t directly responded to the body-shaming, she posted a close-up of her feet later in the day, showing that her misshapen toes could be a result of grainy, distorted zooming.

Like many fans have pointed out, it’s also important to note that, no matter how frivolous toes-shaming can sound, it’s still body-shaming, and regardless of what Kim’s feet look like, they’re her feet and she shouldn’t be made to feel bad about them. Kim’s Instagram was meant to celebrate her body—not shame it. Besides, judging from the vacation photos she has shared since Toegate, we’re going to assume that she has better things to do than to listen to the pedicure police.