Breaking: Kim Kardashian Just Debuted Platinum Blonde Hair

Breaking: Kim Kardashian Just Debuted Platinum Blonde Hair
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It’s hard to keep up with the Kardashians’ hair changes. Kylie Jenner is usually the family frontrunner in this regard, constantly changing up her hair at a breakneck pace (usually with wigs, though she did take a plunge with blonde hair dye last summer). But today the Kardashian hair brouhaha trophy goes to Kim Kardashian, whom Kylie is resembling more and more each passing day (and, let’s be real, from whom Kylie learned everything she knows).

“Blondie,” Kim astutely noted in her Instagram caption this afternoon, rocking what looks to be a white-blonde wig pulled back into a ballerina bun. Sure, this could be the real deal, but we doubt it. She just pulled a similar move on Snapchat a few weeks ago, and this would certainly not Kim’s first wig rodeo—nor will it be her last.

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Kim and Kylie are both avid fans of wig guru Tokyo Stylez, who brings his hair color expertise to the Kardashian fam on the regs. Last year, Kim showed off platinum blonde locks at Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden, admitting her new lewk was really a wig. “I brought the platinum back!” she tweeted at the time. “I looooveeee being a blonde, and this time I can change it up if I want, because—thanks to Tokyo Stylez —it’s just a wig!”

“I really wish I could dye my hair like I did before, but this is just so much easier,” she wrote last year. We imagine that she’s up to her same tricks yet again—all the blonde, without the pesky touchups and long hours in the salon.

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