Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Photo Proves Pete Davidson Is The Ultimate Instagram Boyfriend

Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Photo Proves Pete Davidson Is The Ultimate Instagram Boyfriend
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There is perhaps no one on this earth that loves posting bikini pics more than Kim Kardashian. And honestly, I’m not mad about it. Seeing Kim Kardashian’s bikini photos serves as year-round inspiration for bikini season—just one scroll through her account will keep you up to do on any and every beach wear trend.

Whether she’s rocking a trendsetting monokini or a classic stringy two-piece that fits her like a glove, Kardashian’s beach and poolside attire is always on point. Unlike some stars that opt to layer up on beachy accessories like oversized hats, jewelry and sunnies, Kim usually keeps it simple—which is why her warm-weather looks can often be easily copied. You might not want to drop a grand on a bikini like she will, but finding a similar style at a lower price is often manageable.

Kim Kardashian’s account has also recently become a source of romantic inspiration and her latest #goals post includes America’s funny sweetheart, Pete Davidson. The couple appears to be enjoying themselves on a beach vacation that includes palm trees, bare feet and kayaking in crystal clear water. According to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram stories, Davidson passed “the content taking boyfriend test” and based on the bikini pictures Kardashian posted, I’d have to agree.

As documented by Pete Davidson’s photography skills, the duo was perfectly coordinated with bleach blonde locks and simple black swimsuits for their beach day. While we’ve seen Kardashian wear elaborate beach looks before (including an evening glove-swimwear hybrid accessory), she has been prioritizing keeping it simple lately.

Kim Kardashian wore a tiny grey string bikini and proved that “less is more” in a recent Instagram snap from her trip to the Dominican Republican. If you’ve been watching The Kardashians on Hulu, you’ll know she was in the Dominican Republic to shoot her iconic cover for Sports Illustrated Swim.

The shift towards simple swimwear is new for Kardashian, earlier this year she took a high-drama approach to tanning in a Barbie pink bikini. “Still spamming vacay pics,” Kardashian captioned a carousel post that showed her lathered up in suntan oil, lounging in a hot pink bikini and rocking some shield shades. (Side note—shield sunnies have made a comeback.)

Just a week or so earlier, Kardashian was actually on said vacay, and the pics were just as bomb. “Mother Nature” Kardashian captioned a post, which featured a carousel of three images of her sunning on a gorgeous beach in a white bikini. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here in my white fluffy puffer coat, freezing and pretending I’m on a beach, too.

To kick off 2022, Kardashian hit us with another swimsuit selfie. This one showcased not only her skimpy brown string bikini, but let her fans know two more intimate details about her life. First, that she reads Vanity Fair. Second, that she doesn’t own AirPods.


In a post from November 2021, Kardashian poses in a black bandeau-style bikini and a long side braid. She appears to be in a hot tub, which (according to the caption) is her happy place.


I love Kim in color, so the vibrant purple of this micro-kini she rocked in Palm Springs in July 2021 makes it one of my all-time favorites.


We know our girl loves neutrals, but honestly, I’m calling her bluff from back in June 2021. There’s no way this low-cut top is holding in her chest for more than a photo op! A swim sesh in the pool with her kids? Not in this number.


Let it be known that on this day in May 2021, Kardashian made rash guards look hot.


In May 2021, Kardashian posted this strappy black bikini with a criss-cross detail at the stomach, sparking a brand new swimwear trend.


And let’s not forget her monokini phase! This one-piece from May 2021 is barely one piece, thanks to a dramatic cutout in the center.


Kardashian rarely poses with her cover-up on, but this vacay photo from May 2021 lets us in on her go-to: a super-cropped button-up blouse.


BFFs that swim together, win together! Kim and Lala look so cute in their matching tie-dye bikinis from April 2021.


“Studying in the sun,” Kardashian captioned this photo from April 2021. To be clear, I have never once in my life looked this good while studying.


Wondering what Kim wears to the beach when she’s there with her kids? Coordinating neons, natch!


Another monokini moment, this time from April 2021. The contrast stitching was everything!


Another April bikini moment, this time a classic black number that fits Kardashian like a glove.


This barely-there neutral bikini from March 2021 was cute, but it was the Louis Vuitton headscarf that really won me over.


This shinier chocolate brown bikini is especially cute on Kim. Was she predicting this year’s brown trend all the way back in March 2021?


Another blouse-as-cover-up moment, this time in beachy cream with some strappy tie accents.


Posting a photo in a bikini so nude you actually seem naked and then captioning it, “I’m shy”?! Icon energy only.


This February 2021 photograph is proof that Kardashian absolutely needs to start wearing more lime green.


Kim rarely gravitates towards patterned swimwear, but in February 2021, she had some fun with this coral-inspired print.


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