Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid Made Menswear Their Own at the Dior Miami Show

Maggie Griswold
Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid Made Menswear Their Own at the Dior Miami Show
Photo: Lexie Moreland/WWD/Shutterstock.

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Women slaying in menswear is nothing new—but women looking better than men in menswear is something you may have not discovered yet. Let me be your gentle (or not-so-gentle) reminder that women just kind of do it better. Whatever the task—especially if it involves fashion—women come to prove every hater wrong. And that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid at Dior’s Men’s Show for pre-fall 2020 did. Not only did Kim K. West and Bella Hadid look incredible (Who’s surprised?) while sitting front row at the Dior Pre-Fall 2020 Men’s Show in Miami on Tuesday, but they might have looked better than the models themselves. Hate on it all you want, but the proof is in the pudding—Which, in this case, means the photos.

First of all, Bella Hadid sported a black and white ensemble from the Dior Pre-Fall Men’s 2020 runway that has now secured a spot on my dream wishlist. Since Bella Hadid is a model herself, it comes as no surprise that she pulled off this runway menswear look effortlessly. However, the fact that she makes me want to delve into the fine art of donning menswear more than the actual model showcasing the look on the runway says something. Who run the world? Girls looking best in anything.


Then, there was Kim Kardashian, sitting front row in a luxurious snakeskin trench coat that re-defines the snake print trend. If you’ve been getting tired of seeing snake print everywhere, this look will seriously change your mind. Kim K. wore snake print on snake print on snake print, and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to copy an animal print look more. And did she rock this menswear look in a way that makes me push the actual man to the side? Yes. Yes, she did. Sorry to this man—and all men.


Of course, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid weren’t the only guests of the Dior Pre-Fall 2020 Men’s show who took a few clothing items from the boys. Both Kate Moss and Gwendoline Christie were also in attendance, rocking Dior menswear looks that rivaled anything the men could have ever worn.

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Lexie Moreland/WWD/Shutterstock.

Frankly, I’m in full support of clothing having absolutely no gender. More masculine folks look incredible in feminine ensembles, and feminine people look amazing in masculine outfits. The laws of gendered fashion mean nothing to me, and I hope to continue to see all gender identities explore style in ways never before seen. Gender norms can’t keep me down, baby.