Kim Kardashian’s Bali Vacation Photos Have Infuriated Fans

Aramide Tinubu
Kim Kardashian
Photo: Image: Shuttershock.

It’s another day which means another KarJenner has some major photo drama. This time it has nothing to do with photoshop. Kim Kardashian’s photos from her Bali vacation have fans reacting –and it’s NOT positive. North, Saint and Chicago’s mom is currently on Instagram sharing a ton of throwbacks from her lavish Bali vacation with her family. In the photos, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is posed next to an elephant –and it’s causing a major ruckus on Al Gore’s internet.

The KKW Beauty mogul shared a set of photographs where she and her hubby, Kanye West stood next to an elephant. She shared in the caption that they were visiting an “amazing elephant sanctuary.” But, fans have other opinions about how safe and cared for the elephants actually were.

In one of the pictures –Kimmy is posted up next to the stunning animal in all of her high-waist skirt glory touching the elephant’s trunk. A man can be seen perched on top of the elephant’s neck in the photo. In another pic, Kim K. stands with the elephant’s trunk wrapped around her body. Though the snaps are admittedly adorable, fans are furious about the condition of the elephant. They are accusing the reality starlet of promoting animal cruelty.

One IG user boldly said, “So you support animal abuse too…*sigh* but are we even surprised at this point lmfao.” Another user tried to be more tactful saying, “This is NOT an elephant sanctuary Kim please don’t make this fashionable to millions of people it’s just not right.” Another critic said, “Take this picture down, this is abuse to elephants!! How sad!! Oh bit [sic] wait, you think this makes you look so pretty huh??”

Perhaps Kardashian and West were told that they were visiting an elephant sanctuary. However, no one rides elephants or has bullhooks at an actual sanctuary. Buzzfeed News is reporting that there isn’t a single elephant sanctuary in Bali. They went on to say that many of the elephants in the country live in “severely inadequate conditions.”

Honestly, we don’t think Kardashian has any plans to take the photos down, but we do hope she used this as a learning experience to do her research before she embarks on any future vacation “excursions.”

Babar would not like this.