Breaking: Kim Kardashian Sexually Assaulted in Paris Today

Breaking: Kim Kardashian Sexually Assaulted in Paris Today
Photo: Wenn

Kim Kardashian was minding her own business today in Paris, which is to say that she was trying to walk down the street while simultaneously getting mobbed by paparazzi, when a man stepped up next to her, crouched down, and kissed her famous behind. Her security stepped in immediately and took him down, but the fact remains: The act was a complete violation.

This is the same man who grabbed Gigi Hadid from behind last week, briefly immobilizing her before she was able to elbow him in the face and free herself. For some reason, media outlets called this man, who will remain nameless because he doesn’t deserve the attention, a “prankster.” We also saw the words “notorious prankster” tossed about. E! News called him a “notorious red carpet prankster.” But there’s nothing mischievous about seizing someone in a high-tension situation, surrounded by fans, and pitching them into the air.

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And there’s nothing cute about leaning down to kiss someone’s butt on the street. If this happened to you in New York or L.A. or anywhere around the world, you wouldn’t call it a prank, because it’s not. It’s sexual harassment, and we should call spades spades.

Luckily, Kardashian has a great security team, and she shouted-out the super-jacked dude that was on her attacker immediately: “My security @PascalDuvier is a G,” she tweeted.

But what if she’d been somewhere else, or what if her security hadn’t been paying attention? Two years ago, also in Paris, also during fashion week, the same man pulled something similar, only he grabbed onto Kardashian in a mob outside Balmain. The same exact security guard came to her rescue that time too.

It’s unclear whether this man was arrested after what he pulled today in Paris, but one thing is for sure: He should be arrested and charged, and shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere near celebrities again.

Scroll down for the video from 2014, and head to TMZ to see today’s shocking incident.

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