Really? Kim Kardashian Wore a Nike Outfit to an Adidas Meeting With Kanye

Meghan Blalock

Oh, Kim. The most famous Kardashian made what might easily be referred to as a big boo-boo when she accompanied her beau Kanye West to a recent meeting he had with Adidas to discuss his alleged forthcoming shoe line—wearing a pair of leggings that blatantly displayed the Nike logo. The two athletic brands are known competitors, and Nike CEO Mark Parker has allegedly gone so far as to send home an intern who showed up to work wearing Adidas sneaks. You can see Kim’s Nike-emblazoned leggings here:

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - January 03, 2014

Photo: Getty Images

Luckily, Kim is more of a self-employed woman, and doesn’t stand to get fired for her wardrobe choices (something Kanye himself has made sure of). But it is rather embarrassing, we would argue, that Kim would make such an ignorant sartorial  choice while her husband-to-be is in the midst of talks trying to cement a deal with Adidas.

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To be totally fair though, Kim had other things to do that day—she met up with Kanye immediately after getting a mani-pedi near her Los Angeles home (hence the flip-flops!), and she didn’t technically attend the meeting, but rather met Kanye at the door of the building. But had anyone from Adidas exited alongside Kanye, she ran a serious risk of looking like a major dunce. She actually already partially achieved that, courtesy of her incredibly well-known status as a celebrity.

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What do you think of Kim’s choice to wear Nike to Kanye’s Adidas meeting? Really missing the mark or a harmless mistake? Sound off in the comments below!