Lana Del Rey Will Perform at Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

Meghan Blalock

If any celebrity couple is going to demand only the best musical performance at their nuptials, it’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. After the rest of the world has waited with bated breath to learn who they would choose to serenade them, the verdict has come down: Lana Del Rey will be the guest of honor, according to U.K. newspaper The Mirror.

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While on the surface the choice might seem obvious–everyone seems to be a fan of Lana’s sultry, sexy, yet vaguely morose croonings–there’s actually a bit of an interesting backstory here. Kanye had previously asked Lana to perform at his lavish proposal to Kim last year, and Lana said no. Now she seems more than game to appear at the actual wedding, which (depending on which source you choose to believe) will either be taking place in Italy, France, or potentially both.

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Allegedly Lana will be banking a six-figure number to fly out to Europe for her performance at the ceremony, which will finally take place this Saturday. Although we expect KimYe to lay down strict “no video taping” rules to protect their “privacy,” we’re sure something will surface anyway. And we look forward to seeing Lana croon “West Coast,” hopefully with a cigarette in one hand like she did at Coachella.

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