Here’s What Kim and Kanye Did on Their First Date

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Just when you’d gone ahead and forgotten Kim Kardashian and Kanye West weren’t always stone-serious headline-snatching robots, they do something kind of sweet to remind you. On Monday, Kim posted short clip to Twitter that showed one of her and Kanye’s first dates at the iconic, now-defunct toy store FAO Schwarz. The video, available in full on Kim’s app, shows the two busting out some “Heart and Soul” on the store’s famous giant piano, Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia-style.

“This video was from when Kanye and I went to FAO Schwarz and played piano together,” Kim wrote in the post. “Our friend [and makeup artist] Joyce Bonelli took the vid. This was actually one of our first dates!”

The couple started dating in 2012, and—needless to say—a lot has happened since then, the most notable being the fact that West, a latter-day Henry Higgins, single-handedly transformed Kim and her entire reality TV family into ridiculously famous women that actually get taken seriously by the notably prickly fashion community. A Vogue cover, a couple of Met Galas, a Balmain campaign, a naked-ass-baring Internet breaker, and—oh yeah—two kids later, they’re still going strong, despite what the tabloids and Twitter might have you think.