Kim and Kanye Profess Undying Love in Matching Acid-Wash Jeans

Basically, before Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hit up LAX yesterday armed with three pregnancy tests, they had a little fashion powwow and came out the other side wearing matching acid-wash jeans. Most couples in their right minds make one person change if they notice they’re accidentally both wearing flannel shirts or whatever, but in Kimye’s world, love means never having to say you’re sorry about matching outfits.

Maybe Kanye just felt lonely in his jeans and forced Kim to join him on his quest to bring back the baggy, ripped, acid-wash look, because she’s been mostly stepping out in skintight everything, shouting her epic post-baby weight loss from the proverbial (and possibly literal) rooftops, while he has been wearing this style pretty much every single day.

Here he is on Wednesday on “Ellen”:

And six days ago with Corey Gamble at Nobu:

And a week ago with the fam:

Also, we can’t forget his look at the Met Gala this year:

Come to think of it, love to these two must mean advance-planning outfits, because this is definitely not the first time the pair has stepped out in matching looks (or matching denim, for that matter), and it also won’t be the last. That’s right: We wish this were the first time something like this has happened, but it is so truly not. It’s a family tradition, one might say. Keep the hits coming, guys.