Confirmed: Kim and Kanye Are Getting Married at a Fort in Italy

Wow Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, you guys are so sneaky. After what seems like 100 years of speculation surrounding their May 24 wedding in Paris, a new report alleges that—audible!—it’ll really be in Florence, Italy.

Così pazzo.

According to, the famous couple will have a dinner in Paris before the wedding, but then they’ll haul their guests to Italy on private planes for the ceremony. Guess we know the answer to the question we posed last week about whether their wedding will be as understated as their invitation.

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Speaking of which, in place of a venue KimYe wrote “details upon arrival,” which everyone knows is code for “we’re taking you to an entirely different country because classy people like us shouldn’t shouldn’t have to choose between Paris and Florence.” 

Anyone want to take bets on whether guests will receive their very own Michelangelo, Caravaggio, or Da Vinci as a parting gift? Or, at the very least, Birkin bags covered in George Condo paintings of Kim as the Mona Lisa?


A spokesperson at the Florence mayor’s office confirmed today that the couple will indeed wed in Florence, Italy on May 24, but they’ll be doing it at Belvedere Fort, which has bee around since the sixteenth century.

According to the AP, KimYe rented the fort for 300,000 euros—about $410,000—and a Protestant minister will preside.