Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Still Aren’t Back Together, Despite His Best Efforts

Kim Wong-Shing
Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson
Photo: Getty Images.

Once again, rumors are flying that Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are back together post-breakup. Despite allegedly cheating on KoKo with her younger sister’s BFF, Tristan is apparently not giving up on their relationship—the lavish gifts and random “I love yous” just keep on coming. But, hi, these two are not back to being an item.

A source tells PEOPLE that, contrary to claims that Khloé and Tristan are secretly back together, they are definitely not in a romantic relationship at this time. Tristan is “very charming and sweet” to Khloé, the source said. “She is flattered that he is trying to win her back, but not flattered enough to be in a romantic relationship with him.” And that’s that on that, okay?!

Still, you can’t blame fans for wondering. Even the source at PEOPLE admitted that the relationship might not be over for good, adding: “Who knows what will happen in the future though?” Tristan, 28, has actively pursued his ex since their break-up, from subtle gestures (heart-eye emojis on her Instagram posts) to grand ones (literal luxury cars). For her 35th birthday, he went all-out, as fans saw on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He surprised her with several over-the-top gifts, including a diamond necklace and a diamond ring (!!!). He claimed the ring was a “promise ring.” And while Khloé’s reaction to Tristan’s efforts has generally been “Thanks but no thanks”—she is also surprisingly forgiving of him, and she revealed some mixed feelings after the diamond jewelry showed up.

She said she was “conflicted” over whether to keep the jewelry or not. “I just really want to make sure there are no expectations,” she said on the episode. “If I keep something is that misleading? It’s the sweetest, kindest gesture, but it doesn’t mean a necklace is going to fix everything.” She ultimately chose not to accept the promise ring, to avoid creating any “blurred lines.”

All Khloé wants right now is to remain great co-parents with Tristan for their 20-month-old True. With the Jordyn Woods drama still semi-ongoing, it’s understandable if she’s not eager to jump back into Tristan’s arms anytime soon!