Khloé Kardashian Makes a Pretty Good Case for Wearing Shapewear as a Top



Last week, Kim Kardashian stepped out wearing straight-up bike shorts as streetwear, pairing what looked like basically a pair of black Spanx with a leather jacket and velvet stilettos. Never one to be one-upped by her older sister, Khloé Kardashian was spotted yesterday leaving Kardashian family favorite Casa Vega wearing legit shapewear as a top. The $157 Cosabella bodysuit (which happens to be a thong, though thankfully Khlo kept that salient detail to herself) is normally worn under things—a dress, say, or a low-cut shirt—but these types of pesky trivialities have nothing on the Kardashian sisters, who see anything skintight and revealing as a possible option for, say, lunch at a Mexican restaurant in sunny Los Angeles’s Sherman Oaks.

The weird part is that she’s totally rocking it. Though the jury is still out (as in way, way out) re: Kim’s bike shorts, Khloé gets a pass on this shapewear-as-daywear look, because although it looks like she possibly forgot to put on her shirt yesterday morning (an honest mistake), she’s owning it with this ladylike look. Never thought ladylike and shapewear-as-daywear would find themselves in the same sentence, but there you have it. And if you really want to have it, shop the actual piece below.

4095 Khloé Kardashian Makes a Pretty Good Case for Wearing Shapewear as a Top

Cosabella Marni Low-Back Bodysuit, $157.50