Khloé Kardashian Mommy-Shamed for Not Supporting Baby True’s Neck

Khloe Kardashian
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images.

Kourtney Kardashian has been shamed for kissing her children on the lips; Kim Kardashian has been shamed for straightening her daughter’s hair; hell, even Kylie Jenner has been shamed for having too long of a manicure. So it was only a matter of time until the fourth Kardashian-Jenner mom, Khloé Kardashian, would also be mommy-shamed. And unfortunately, that moment happened on Thursday when the 34-year-old was accused of not supporting her daughter’s neck. (Oy.)

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star came under fire by parenting critics when she instagrammed a picture of her 3-month old daughter, True, where it looks like her neck is unsupported. The picture shows True—whom Khloé shares with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson—asleep in her mom’s arm with her head cocked completely to the side. “About 2 months ago… 😩,” Khloé captioned the Instagram, noting that the picture was taken when True was about 1 month old.

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About 2 months ago... 😩

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Immediately, the youngest Kardashian sister was slammed by mommy-shamers for not supporting True’s neck. (Whether True’s neck was actually unsupported is unclear, though we doubt it.) The mommy-shamers scolded Khloé for not holding her baby’s head upright and even accused her of thinking of True as an “accessory” that she cold use to gain more Instagram likes. Many also worried that Khloé would even break True’s neck by holding her in that position, while some focused on the E! personality’s nails, claiming that her pointy manicure would “hurt” True.

A few comments included:

“ok look at the way she’s holding that baby. Look at that baby’s neck. I swear these people just have babies to take pictures of them or use them as an accessory.”

“Omg pick that babies neck up!”

“Girl hold that babies head upright, think you would know that..The babies not an accessory!”

“I feel so bad for that poor baby a pic for Instagram is more important than supporting her head? smh”

“That poor child’s neck.”

“Aren’t you afraid to hurt your baby with those long nails.”

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As of yet, Khloé hasn’t responded to the mommy-shaming. But considering the several instagrams she has posted since (including a fire AF haircut selfie), we’re assuming she’s tuning out the haters. As her fans defend, baby’s heads are  more malleable than many think. (“How you think she fit in the womb?” one commenter wrote.)

The bottom line is that it’s not anyone’s place to teach Khloé how to parent. She’s doing fine on her own, and even if True’s head is slouched too much, picture of one moment in time doesn’t accurately represent how Khlo is as a parent. If she needs help, she has three other sisters who are doing the same.