Khloé Kardashian Mom-Shamed for Not Supporting True’s Back in This Photo

Khloe Kardashian
Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Fashion Nova.

Will the internet ever let the Kardashians parent their children in peace? Apparently not, according to recent comments on Khloé Kardashian‘s Instagram, which some believe to show her not supporting her baby daughter True Thompson‘s back.

The picture features the 34-year-old reality star and her baby (whom she shares with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson) at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Khloé can be seen posing next to a bed of plants, with a butterfly on her hand and True strapped to her body with a harness. “The Botanical Garden,” she wrote in the caption.

As cute as the picture was, it wasn’t the butterfly on Khloé’s hand or her lush faux-fur coat that fans were paying attention to—it was how she was holding her baby. Many mom-shamers slammed Khloé for holding True away from her (rather than face to face) because of the influence that her breasts and body can have on her baby’s delicate spine. “It is better for mother and child. Your child is in the ‘M’ position. This is an ergonomic posture. A child has support from knee to knee. Back is not too hard or soft. Google the benefits; it is really better for your baby. The face of your child must face the mother. Otherwise, the breasts of the mother can influence the child’s spine,” one user commented.

Another user added, “Please if you love your baby use an ergonomic support and turn her back!!! #healthisbetterthanmoney.”

Other mom-shamers criticized Khloé’s fingernails, questioning how she takes care of her baby (and changes her diaper) with such a delicate manicure. “how does she change her daughter’s diaper?” one user commented. Another added, “How do you take care of yr cute baby with those long nail??oh yes …u have nannys.” One more commented, “Do you change diapes with these nails ? Don’t think so.”

We don’t know anything about Khloé’s parenting. Perhaps she changed her baby from an ergonomic posture (upright, with a straight back), so she could see the garden better and take a picture with her mom. Even if she wasn’t, we are in no place to judge Khloé’s parenting. As we’ve said time and time again, she knows True better than anonymous trolls on the internet, so lay off the mom-shaming.