Khloè Kardashian Got Into A Drunken Fight With BFF Malika Haqq & It’s Hard To Watch

Jenzia Burgos
Khloè Kardashian & Malika Haqq
Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images.

Thank god these two are ride-or-die for each other, otherwise this recent Khloè Kardashian and Malika Haqq fight club video would’ve been enough to tear them apart. But the 35-year-old Good American founder and her former personal assistant are longtime BFF’s who don’t have time for all that negativity. Yet that’s not to say it’s easy to ignore just how brutal this exchange was.

The argument aired on the Sunday, October 6 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In a recap video posted online, you can watch Khloè explain how it all went down (you can fast forward to her rundown, which begins at 1:41.) During what was supposed to be a fun-filled birthday celebration in honor of her BFF Malika, Khloè brought out the claws. “I am all for having a good time, but I am not in the headspace to get shitfaced with this girl,” Khloè said. “Like, Malika was with me the last time I got drunk. It wasn’t a pretty sight.” Uh oh, Koko!

As a recent first-time mommy to True, Khloè seemed far more interested in keeping things relaxed during Malika’s girls trip. She retreated to her room to fold and hang some clothes, whereas the birthday girl wanted her to gear up for a wild time.

We can see where Khloè’s annoyance started to emerge—after all, in addition to being a new mom, she was likely still coming off of stressful couple of weeks after news broke of her dissolving relationship with baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. All that said, it’s understandable that Malika wanted to enjoy her birthday to the fullest. Yet this tension remained, only to emerge later at full force during a drunken argument.

When Khloè and Malika hit up the club, they got into your typical peer-pressure fight. Malika tried forcing Khloè to take a shot. “Put it in your mouth, bitch,” she repeated. Khloè wasn’t having any of it, however. “If you think you’re stronger than me, you’re out of your mind,” she told the birthday girl. Yet when Malika kept persisting, things turned ugly. “I will fucking fuck you up in two seconds, bitch,” Khloè said. Yikes. Remind us not to mess with Koko, like, ever!

Khloè did take to Twitter to live-tweet during the episode and clarify this situation.”The twins’ birthday party was so close (time-wise) to all of my personal drama. So I was afraid to drink because I didn’t want my emotions to ruin their beautiful celebrations,” she wrote last night. There we go.

According to Khloè, however, this situation changed nothing between her and Malika. She also explained that their “sisterhood” is unbreakable: “The best thing about our sisterhood is that even if Malika and I fight (which is normal) we never stop communicating and respecting one another. Both of our accountability and eagerness to always apologize as one of my favorite things about us. Malika is EVERYTHING.” Now, that’s friendship goals.