Here’s What We Learned About Khloé Kardashian During Her Epic Sister Q&A With Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Khloé Kardashian.
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Stormi’s mom may be a brunette again, but these two sisters are looking more and more alike every day. Kylie Jenner interviewed Khloé Kardashian and the video gave us a lot of insight into the Good American designer’s life. Jenner told her sister at the top of the interview that she was going to ask her some “burning questions” in honor of the launch of their third Koko Collection. Kardashian somewhat seriously replied that she didn’t get to study and, “likes to study,” before being questioned. But her younger sis calmed her nerves saying the Q&A was actually going to be pretty simple.

Jenner’s first question for Kardashian was, “What movie makes you cry?” The 34-year-old had an answer on the tip of her tongue—The Notebook! And like, wow, we couldn’t agree more. That is 100% a tear jerker. Kardashian then launched into an explanation of when she feels the need to turn on the movie. “Have you ever just had a day, if you play like Sam Smith or Adele you just like, you start sobbing? So sometimes if I want to cry, I’ll turn on The Notebook to get it out.” Jenner quickly understood exactly what Kardashian was talking about and said she does the same thing. Kardashian, somewhat jokingly added, “Yeah, it’s sick.”

The next question for the reality star was a bit more personal. Jenner asked Kardashian, “Who was your first kiss? I really want to know this.” And it turns out Kardashian didn’t have the most memorable first kiss, in fact, she described it as “traumatizing!” Uh oh. The kiss happened in Newport Beach, they were there for “some reason,” Kardashian explained, and it was just “some kid on the beach. I hated it.” Well, don’t feel too bad, Khloé. We can’t all have what Allie and Noah had—at least not the first time around.

Kardashian then delved into her other interests and admitted that if she could work in another profession, she would want it to involve children. “I love love love love kids.” Jenner added, “Aw I could totally see you as a teacher,” to which Kardashian replied with a squad, “Yeah! I would looove that.”

Jenner then played a little would-you-rather roulette with her older sister. “Shoes or bags,” Jenner asked. Kardashian chose shoes. “Would you rather be bald but super fit or have hair but be 200lbs overweight?” Kardashian chose bald. “And I would rock that bald head like nobody’s business,” she added, “with my Kylie collab, ok?”

Kardashian then said she would eat a cockroach for a million dollars and honestly…? So would we. Jenner then replied, “I wouldn’t eat a cockroach for a million,” under her breath,” to which Kardashian swiftly came back with, “well, that’s cause you’re a billionaire.” LOL. That response was perfect.

And Kardashian’s go-to Starbucks order? She knows it like the back of her hand: Venti Seven Pump No Water Chai Latte.”

The sisters then discussed shower routines, because—why not? Kardashian said she read that 70% of people shower head to toe. Jenner agreed, adding that she likes to shampoo and condition, and then rinse that out before washing the rest of her body. “Sometimes conditioner lingers on your body,” so it’s important to get that off of your skin. Kardashian then jumped in, adding that her dermatologist told her that’s why people get body acne! Welp—note to self: make sure you rinse off that conditioner thoroughly.

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The girls then moved on from shower secrets to Kardashian’s other secret—her young looking hands. “They look like you’re seventeen years old,” Jenner gushed. And Kardashian explained that her secret is sunscreen! “When you’re driving, through your windshield, the sun is beating down on your hands. Your hands and your neck tell your age,” Kardashian explained.

That wrapped up the Q&A. And now we feel like we know the youngest Kardashian sister even better. The sisters’ new line comes out on June 14, in honor of Kardashian’s birthday month.