Khloé Kardashian Roasted Kim for Her Sex Tape on ‘KUWTK’ & It Was So Savage

Khloé Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has returned and is hotter than ever. Sunday’s episode was a whirlwind, but people totally blew past the subtle Khloé Kardashian’s shade at Kim’s sex tape with Ray J. In the latest ‘KUWTK’ episode, Kanye s West suddenly decided to be a main character and also suddenly decided to up and move his whole family to Chicago without checking in with his wife. With all of this drama unfolding, it appears no one is giving Khloé credit for the hysterical jab she made at Kim. But it was also sort of a thank you? (Sort of?)

Allow us to explain. Kris Jenner walked into the kitchen to present Khloé with her “Best Reality TV Show” MTV award. In that moment, our favorite momager asked her daughter who she would like to thank. Khloé joked, “This is all so much pressure!” Then, impersonating a tearful and shaky acceptance speech, Khloé said, “My lord and savior. And Kimberly. For fucking on camera.” She totally called her sister out for the sex tape she made way back when with Ray J., which ultimately led—in part—to Kim (and the whole fam’s) success. But is that not kind of the funniest troll? Khloé held nothing back.

What makes this moment even better? Apparently, Kim gets full say on what ends up in the show or not. So she totally watched this cut and approved it to be on the show! She honestly probably understood that it would make for good television. Kim knows what she’s doing people!

Also LOL at Kris saying she never gets any recognition. We know it’s all you, Kris. We know.

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