Wait—Are Khloé Kardashian & French Montana Back Together for Real This Time?

Khloé Kardashian.
Photo: Photo: Getty Images

Romance rumors have sparked once again and fans are wondering: Are Khloé Kardashian and French Montana back together post-breakup? Kourtney Kardashian just celebrated her 40th birthday bash, hosted by her younger sister, Khloé. And who else was on the guest list, you ask? Why Montana of course! Everysince Khloé split with Tristan Thompson, the reality star has been leaning heavily on Montana for support. Naturally, fans and the tabloids alike have been suspicious that something more might be going on between the ex-lovers.

Two weeks ago, a source told HollywoodLife that the pair were very close and still has “chemistry.” “They are more than just friends, French is someone that Khloe has always been able to trust and talk to about things,” the source said. “Khloé feels comfortable opening up to French because she feels he will always give her his honest opinion about what she is going through. She likes having an objective, guys point of view on things. Plus, even though they are no longer romantic, they still have great chemistry together.”

There aren’t any photos of Khloé and Montana together from Kourtney’s party (at least not yet anyway), but they were both definitely there. Montana shared footage of himself dancing with Kourt to celebrate her birthday. (The video is cute? We guess? But TBH we sorta expected them to be better dancers. LOL.) At least they’re having fun—that’s 100 percent all that matters! Maybe Montana and Khloé have better rhythm together. Fingers crossed a video or photos come out of those two dancing.

Montana was also spotted cuddled up near Kendall Jenner. He’s definitely tight with the fam!

So who knows? Could this be the start of something new…again…for Khloé and Montana? Possibly. Or it could just truly be a solid friendship that both of them are happy to have once again.