Khloé Kardashian Reveals How She Eats Fast Food and Maintains Her Weight Loss

Chicken. It all comes down to chicken. For all the trainers and nutritionists we presume Khloé Kardashian worked with to lose 40 lbs., her advice for eating fast food and maintaining her weight is to eat chicken.

Not breaded chicken, though. LOL. Did you really think that? Nope, we’re talking about delicious, breadcrumb-less grilled chicken from McDonald’s. If chicken is actually it’s name there.

“Even though clean eating is my M.O., sometimes I find myself in situations where there just isn’t an avocado smoothie or quinoa salad on the menu,” Khloé wrote on her blog, according to People. “When your only options are the Golden Arches or Colonel Sanders, you don’t have to throw your whole diet out the window!”

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She even listed out her go-to items at America’s many fine purveyors of fast food.

McDonald’s: Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich (360 calories)

Taco Bell: Two Chicken Soft Tacos from the Fresco menu (350 calories)

KFC: Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast with sweet corn and green beans (310 calories)

Now we wait for the investigative report: Does she really eat any of this? Are there celebrities who, in 2017, still find themselves with access to no food but drive-throughs?