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Yesterday, Jordyn Woods’ Cosmopolitan UK interview was heavily discussed. The 21-year-old model addressed everything that went down with her and Tristan Thompson. Khloé Kardashian’s reaction to Jordyn Woods’ Cosmo interview is less than pleasant. The reality star believes Woods is capitalizing on her and her family’s pain the wake of the cheating scandal. However, a source at HollywoodLife says that’s not the case. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but this story keeps getting more and more complicated. Let’s dive in.

Yesterday, we reported that Woods explained the “shock” she went through after Tristan Thompson tried to hook up with her in early 2019. Woods’ close friendship with Kylie Jenner was effectively ruined, seemingly for good, although the influencer admitted she hasn’t given up hope yet. In her Cosmo UK cover story, Woods said of Jenner, “I love her. That’s my homie. I hope everything falls into place and that we can all grow and build our relationships with our family and God and come back together one day and be stronger and happier.”

In addition to her friendship with Jenner, Woods touched on how her world essentially crumbled once the scandal broke. But according to a source close to the reality star, Khloé doesn’t want to hear it. “Khloé finds it hard to believe that Jordyn has no idea what she’s doing when it comes to using the scandal to promote her career, and especially when it comes to hanging out with the men in Khloe’s life,” a source exclusively told HollywoodLife.

In the last five months, Woods’ career has continued to blossom. Or, well, she’s at least stayed in the public eye. Woods launched a second collection with Boohoo in the wake of the cheating scandal. She also booked the role of Rick Ross’ love interest in his “BIG. TYME” music video. Lastly, and most recently, she received her Cosmo UK cover story in which she went into even greater detail on the alleged kiss that broke up Khloé’s family and relationship (she was with boyfriend Tristan Thompson at the time and the two share their now one-year-old daughter together).

“Every time Jordyn is featured in another magazine, especially one as big as Cosmopolitan, it’s hard for Khloé to ignore the fact that she is taking advantage of the situation that led to Khloe’s heartbreak,” the source explained before adding, “Khloe is in such a great place right now, she’s moved past the drama and is focused on raising True, on all her brands, and spending time with close friends and family. Khloe just wishes Jordyn would own the fact that she is profiting from the drama and keep it real.”

While Khloé is reportedly frustrated about everything going down with Woods, according to another source, the 34-year-old reality star also “recognizes the hustle” in Woods. In fact, one insider added that Khloé recognizes her own go-getter attitude in Woods, and apparently thinks she inspired some of that in her. The source asked HollywoodLife of Jordyn’s hustle and determination, “Where do you think Jordyn learned that hustle?”

Earlier today—or late last night, depending on Woods’ timezone—the influencer dropped this photo on Instagram with the caption, “I though about callin you yesterday.” Now, we’re not sure who she’s referring to, though some fans are convinced she wanted to reach out to her former BFF. (Unfortunately for her, Jenner doesn’t follow Woods on Instagram anymore, so we’re not sure if she received the message.)

One follower wrote, “Y’all so reckless in these comments 😩😩😭 she ain’t even worried bout y’all” while another supported not calling writing, “Jordyn yes you got out of the toxic friendship and now no one can stop ya blessings ❣️”

It’s been nearly six months since the whole cheating scandal broke. And sources say Khloé is hoping to move past it all. But while she no longer wishes to be part of the narrative, it’s just not that simple the source explained. “Khloe would rather remove herself from the whole situation but she always now has to monitor what Jordyn says or does, it is frustrating but it is now a part of Khloe’s life. But Jordyn better realize not to cross Khloe in any way in the future because Khloe will make sure she has the last laugh.”

A third source at HollywoodLife is standing up for Woods, though, explaining that it’s people coming to Woods not Woods seeking out these “opportunities” herself.

“People have been approaching Jordyn, not the other way around,” the source tied to the influencer told HollywoodLife. “She isn’t going after any of the opportunities that are coming her way, everyone is coming to her. Jordyn has no intention of hurting anyone but she also doesn’t believe she should turn down opportunities, that doesn’t make any sense.” Valid point.

And the truth is, no left this whole issue unscathed. Everyone’s healing in their own way now, right? According to the source close to Woods, she’s repeatedly tried to make amends:

“Jordyn would love nothing more than for her relationship with Kylie and with Khloe and with the whole family to be fixed but so far they haven’t been open to her attempts to try and heal things so what else can she do?” our third source tells us, who adds, “She isn’t going to just stop her life, she doesn’t deserve that.”

But it’s also not the Kardashian/Jenner family’s responsibility to let someone back into their life whom they feel they cannot trust. Hopefully everyone is able to find peace and move on with their lives.

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