Key Moments From Florence Welch’s Convo With Interview Mag

Jessica Rubin

There seems to be a divide in the StyleCaster offices between those of us who are Florence + The Machine obsessed and those strange people (I am certainly not one of them) who can’t really jump on board the “I love that red haired freak” train.

But regardless of your feelings about her music, you should absolutely not miss Florence Welch‘s feature in Interview magazine. There are some great moments, but we don’t want to ruin it for you in case you still haven’t gotten around to reading it (which we really think you should).

So kick up your heels and enjoy these zingers before you move on with your grueling day.

When you’re dressed up as David Bowie, with your eyebrows completely bleached, and you’re doing this kind of strange dance with Paul McCartney while singing “Rebel Rebel” in the middle of the Met ball, and Madonna’s looking at you . . . I was just thinking, it’s become a bit weird.”

What I really like seeing from the stage is people having their own moments, when people are doing some performance of their own. I like seeing people acting out the moves—like, if I’m singing ‘Cosmic Love,’ I’ll sometimes see people in the crowd doing [mimes out with hands] ‘The stars! The moon!”

One more for good measure

I passed out facedown in the bathtub at that party. Luckily, there was no water in it.