It’s Official: This Smart Coffee Maker Does All Of The Work For You

Summer Cartwright
It’s Official: This Smart Coffee Maker Does All Of The Work For You
Photo: Courtesy: Keurig.

On busy (or lazy) mornings, wouldn’t it be nice to have your coffee made for you just the way that you like it? You can politely ask your significant other or fav family member to put in this work, or you can rely on your coffee machine to do it all for you. I chose the latter.

Keurig’s latest model, the K-Supreme Plus, is the brand’s smartest device yet. It connects through Wi-Fi to your smartphone so that you can control the machine from whatever room you’re in. Let me tell you from experience that this feature comes in handy when you’re in bed and can’t motivate yourself to get up.

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This innovative service is all thanks to a few things: a BrewID feature that recognizes what K-Cup you place into the machine, then recommends the serving size you select; the machine’s ability to save and recognize your three favorite brew settings (with the size and strength you like best), and the handy app that controls the machine. Using all of these allows you to create the best cup of coffee possible every time—something I didn’t think was possible when using single-serve devices.

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I’m a former barista who has a long-held grudge against single-serve coffee makers because, honestly, when they first started making these things, the cups of coffee they’d create were trash. But, when Keurig asked if I wanted to test this smart device, I was intrigued. A coffee maker that brews your favorite drink without needing to be physically touched? That’s the kind of tech I can get behind.

After a few months of poking around the machine’s app and testing the device itself, I can confidently say it’s well worth the investment. The Brew ID feature is unmatched. Somehow, Keurig has tested hundreds of certified K-Cups out there and established the exact amount of water needed to make the best-tasting cup with that blend. By relying on this (a message on the actual coffee maker and in the app will pop up once it reads the K-Cup brand you placed inside and then shows what amount of water would make for the best-tasting result), I’ve been able to create bold-tasting brews without fail. I exclusively rely on the K-Supreme’s recommendations whenever I’m trying a new flavor or brand so that I have the best experience possible.

What’s more, you can choose from up to five strength options—a welcome improvement compared to other Keurigs that come without that feature. Plus, you can turn the temperatures up, too. If you like very hot coffee, simply select “Max Hot.” Want an iced coffee? No problem, there’s an Over Ice setting for that.

If you’re worried about the flavor that a Keurig creates, fret no more. The K-Supreme pokes five holes for water to stream through. The brand tells me that this mimics the same circular motion that a barista would do when making a pour-over. I was doubtful about this at first, but the flavor in each cup I make is seriously impressive.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Coffee Maker

Courtesy: Keurig.

I’m not the only one in awe of this device. New users and Keurig-fanatics alike call it “the best Keurig ever.”

“The handle on the water fill is the bomb,” explained one five-star reviewer. “Heats up much faster than our other models and the water heating selection option is the best for every member of our family. What we love the most are the five hole punchers for K-Cups. It’s like drinking real perked coffee. Especially if you set the water temperature on the hottest setting. Love, love, love this model.”

If you’re looking for a coffee machine that will make your perfect cup of coffee for you every time, this one is it. And FWIW, I checked out pricing online and found that the best deal for this device is at HSN—it’s $10 cheaper than other sites and includes 60 K-Cups for free. Shop the deal here.

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