I Got A New Keurig After 10 Years & Wow, My Whole Life Is Better

Bella Gerard
I Got A New Keurig After 10 Years & Wow, My Whole Life Is Better
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Really and truly, I did not think I needed a new Keurig. I’d had mine for almost ten years and never really given much thought to an upgrade. It may not have looked the prettiest, but my old faithful worked like a charm, and I relied on it every single morning for a coffee fix strong enough to get me through a busy day. When I finally upgraded and got the Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker, though, I realized just how out-of-date my old model really was.

Like many millennials, my veins are filled with coffee, not blood. I need caffeine to survive! And while I like running to Starbucks for an iced latte every morning just as much as the next person, living in New York City is expensive enough as is, so I can’t always justify the extra charge. For this reason, I usually make my morning coffee at home, using the Keurig my sister bought to take to college about ten years ago. After that, it went with me with college, then to my first NYC apartment—then my second, then my third. All this time, I never stopped to think that an upgrade could improve my morning routine tenfold.

Then, I heard about the Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker . Not only did it have the option for iced coffee (!!!!!) but the water reservoir even came with a purifying filter. This was what made me realize a new coffee maker was long overdue. I had been using mine for around ten years and never, ever thought about the water reservoir or its cleanliness. I just filled it up with sink water and went on my merry way! For all I knew, I was drinking 10 years’ worth of sludge and grime! All at once, I found myself grossed-out by my older model and desperate for something fresh.

So, in the altered words of Ariana Grande: I see it, I like it, I hear it has a water filter, I got it.

keurig k supreme review I Got A New Keurig After 10 Years & Wow, My Whole Life Is Better

Guys—not to be dramatic, but I love my new coffee maker more than a few of my own family members. It’s a deep, passionate love! Not only was it hella easy to set up (something I admit I dreaded and overthought, although it took no more than five minutes) but it runs like a dream, and the larger water reservoir is so much more convenient than adding a little water each and every time I want to make a drink. Plus, the filter just makes me feel so good about it.

As for brewing, my old Keurig had one button, while this one has a boatload of options. I can choose to brew six, eight, 10 or 12 oz of coffee at a time, and even use the “Strong” and “Over Ice” functions to give my coffee a little extra kick or chill. Suddenly, the coffee fix I need every morning has become one I want, too. I look forward to picking my settings and choosing a cute mug to place on my shiny new machine.

keurig review old new I Got A New Keurig After 10 Years & Wow, My Whole Life Is Better

My outdated model vs. my fresh new K-Supreme.

Personally, I’ve never been one for a pot coffee maker, and because I love all the Keurig K-Cup options (my faves are from The Donut Shop , yum) I can’t imagine owning anything else. That said, if you’re also a longtime Keurig fan with a machine that may be past its prime, consider upgrading and experience a whole new world. I’m not being dramatic! Had I known my coffee maker played such a massive role in my morning mood, I would’ve gotten a new one ages ago.

Moral of the story? The Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker could very well be the best $150 you ever spend, so stop with the Starbucks runs and start saving up.

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