Here’s Kesha Getting Her Makeup Done Topless Before a Show

Here’s Kesha Getting Her Makeup Done Topless Before a Show
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The Kardashians may be the reigning queens of the glam squad—and we’ve seen a lot of “getting ready” pics from them over the years—but Kesha just blew the whole family out of the water with a shot of herself getting her makeup done before a show yesterday. Because she was topless.

The pop star covered her left breast while an unidentified hand came into the frame to finish off her nude lipstick. Getting ready for a show in Brockport, New York, Kesha wrote, “pre show☠☠☠🍾🍾🍾 lets go🚀🚀🚀.”

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Kesha hasn’t had an easy time of it the past couple of years, what with her long legal battle with Dr. Luke and Sony, but after a serious battle with an eating disorder, Kesha has come out firmly on the other side—and happy to troll her trolls.

““Not a slave to perfection right now. f–k it. *** body shamers please f–k off ain’t nobody got time for it,” she wrote on Instagram last year, clad in a bikini.

She shared the same sentiment yesterday when she followed up her topless shot with a pic of herself in another bikini.

Lookin’ good, Kesha!

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