Can We Talk About How Amazing Kesha Looks Now?

Looks like dropping the “$” really paid off for Kesha in more ways than just lessening her gimmick factor: The pop star showed up to the Billboard Music Awards last night looking seriously fantastic.

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It’s been a rough year for the 27-year-old “Timber” singer, who entered rehab for an eating disorder in January after claiming her manager, super-producer Dr. Luke, continually bashed her weight and reportedly said she looked like a fat “f—-g refrigerator.” Nice guy.

In March, Kesha returned from treatment and seems to be to revamping her image. Before, her schtick was sleazy, devil-may-care party girl persona (she brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack, you guys) and now—since dropping the “$”—she changed her twitter handle from @Ke$haSuxx to @KeshaRose, and has been making sporadic appearances looking happy, healthy, and really good. 

At the Billboard Awards in L.A. last night, the pop star rocked a dramatic strapless Ines Di Santo mermaid gown (perhaps a bit formal for the occasion, but whatever—it beats the ass-baring dress she wore last year), looked amazing in it. Her bod looked healthy and toned, and her hair’s subtle pink cast was modern and flattering.

We’re rooting for Kesha, not only because her songs are so damn catchy and we want her to stick around, but also because she faced her problems head-on, and seems to have emerged stronger because of it. Go girl!



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