Kendall Jenner’s Workout Is Exactly as Insane as You’d Guess

Kendall Jenner’s Workout Is Exactly as Insane as You’d Guess
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Kendall Jenner isn’t like her older sisters Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, who love to show off their time in the gym on Snapchat and Instagram. Instead, Jenner flings her body across runways worldwide—like her second Victoria’s Secret show this year, for example—and very quietly works out like a total demon. With famed celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson. “Almost every day,” as he tells Us WeeklySo if you had any question as to whether Jenner’s toned physique was just a gift from the gods, now you know.

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That said, Peterson did acknowledge that Jenner just so happens to be genetically—and athletically—predestined for a long, lithe frame. But she doesn’t go light at the gym. “People will find it hard to believe, that girl squats, dead-lifts and does pull-ups,” he told the publication. Specifically, leading up to the VS runway this year, Jenner did “a lot of sled-pushing, a lot of lateral banded work, up and down the track, and a lot of very high-intensity cardio intervals.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound like nothing to us either.

Peterson added that Jenner is “fully in the zone” at the gym—and he doesn’t allow her to wear headphones as she sled-pushes her way toward athletic excellence. “One time I had somebody come in who wanted to wear headphones during the workout and I’m like, ‘Let’s not do that.’ I find it rude. Maybe it’s not my place to find it rude, but I do,” he said.

So—now you know. Jenner’s here for sled-pushing, lateral banded work, running up and down the track, and high-intensity cardio. Sans headphones. Because she’s a total gym rat. Secret, revealed!

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