Kendall Jenner Frees the Underboob at Voter Registration Event

Katy Perry full-on freed the boob in the name of Voter Registration Day, but Kendall Jenner just stuck with underboob. Girlfriend showed up at MTV’s TRL special, which was not actually a revival of Total Recall Live, but rather a spin-off, Total Registration Live, which focused on getting us all out there and voting. (Yay!)

She added that “underboob is my ting” on Snapchat, with a full view of her bottom right breast, peeking out from under a black-and-white striped sweater. Good to know!

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Snapchat/Kendall Jenner

Snapchat/Kendall Jenner

Apparently, with the contentious election fast approaching, nudity and/or boob-flashing is every celebrity’s best idea re: how to get us all out there at the polls November 8. Earlier today, Madonna posted (and then later deleted) a shot of herself naked with a gold grill, urging us all to vote. Why not?

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, what are you waiting for? No excuses: You can do so via Rock the Vote right here on this very page. Get started now!

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