WYD, Kendall Jenner? This Week in Social Media Weirdness

WYD, Kendall Jenner? This Week in Social Media Weirdness
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It’s the middle of the summer and that means all your friends are busy posting vacay pics on Insta. And by all your friends I mean “celebrities you’ve never met.” Your feed is probably full of the rich and famous chilling out on yachts, Italian beaches, and the cover of Vogue. So relatable. And just like all your friends, every once in awhile a celeb will post an image that’ll make you go “Oh, no baby, what is you doing?” That’s where we come in. Here’s a roundup of some of the strangest, most extra, and most WTF social media posts by all of our best friends.

Drake, what are you doing?

Drake makes sure to tell us that this word salad is an ad but neglects to tell us what the ad is actually for. Is it for Starbucks? Is Drake trying to get us to try one of the cool, refreshing new iced tea flavors? Does he want us to drink them while wrapped in terry cloth and envisioning peace? Is this the first time someone has invoked sex while drinking iced tea? It’s not the sexiest drink, to be honest, and the way he’s biting that straw isn’t exactly alluring. That said, now I can’t stop thinking about iced tea. And terry cloth. So, I guess the ad was successful. I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do, though. Or what Drake is doing. All I know is that some company paid for Drake to post this so I guess the question“What are you doing?” should be directed to them instead. So, Starbucks, WYD, baby? And what’s the deal with those sexy terry cloth teas I keep hearing so much about?

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Amber Rose, WYD?

I am so here for everything about Amber Rose: her sex-positivity, her clap-back game, her perma-platinum hair. All of it. But I gotta pause to question this photo from her Insta. The caption is a super sweet declaration of love and commitment; that’s all good. But what’s going on in the photo. Amber and her boyfriend, 21 Savage, are snuggled up in bed doing that thing that all couples do: scroll through Instagram while barely paying attention to each other. That’s all well and good, though I am curious who took this photo and why. More importantly, I need to know why they’re wearing matching Space Jam sweatshirts. Is Space Jam experiencing some kind of comeback I don’t know about? If so, why? And, most importantly, why is 21 Savage holding a wad of money in his hand. This is definitely not part of most couple’s “Lounging in bed, aimlessly swiping” routine. They must have been drinking lots of that Starbucks tea.

WYD, Ariana Grande?

Speaking of snuggling up in bed, what is this stalker-style photo of Ariana’s pooch? That dog looks super comfortable but also super paranoid. Why is she posting this low-light photo like some obsessed fan? Does she actually know this dog or did she take this through a hotel window? So many dog-spotting questions for Ariana. Chances are it’s Ariana’s dog, also seen here:

But in a photo that looks like a production still from “The Blair Witch Project” you can never be sure.

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WYD, Kendall Jenner?

What’s hilarious about this Insta is that it’s captioned “Jet lag” when more accurately it’s a “U up?” text. How do the words and the image go together? “I’m exhausted; here’s my super cute underwear.” Kendall looks amazing, as always, but nothing about this photo says jet lag. For reference, she might want to refer to Ariana’s dog, Amber’s boo or even Anderson Cooper, who posted his own jet lag-related snap.

As you can see, we get a view of his head, a sleepy expression despite daylight, and bag under the eyes. All of these things say “jet lag.” I do have to give Kendall the points in the wardrobe department. Nothing about a polo says jet lag, Anderson. Next time you want to show us how exhausted you are, put on a half shirt please.