Kendall Jenner Shaded Sofia Richie by Making Fun of Her Dead Horse on Instagram

Kendall Jenner Shaded Sofia Richie by Making Fun of Her Dead Horse on Instagram
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Kendall Jenner has never been shy about expressing her disdain for Sofia Richie. After making fun of Richie’s 15-year age difference with her boyfriend, Scott Disick, on Instagram, the 22-year-old model took aim at Richie again. This time, jabbing her where it hurts: her dead horse.

On Saturday, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star posted an Instagram, which many fans are considering as shade toward the recent death of Richie’s horse, Dragon. Jenner’s Instagram featured a picture of her new horse, which she not-so-coincidentally also named Dragon. “My new baby dragon 😍,” she captioned the shot.

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Fans were quick to associate the post with an Instagram Richie shared in January, which paid tribute to her childhood horse, Dragon, who recently passed away. “Rip to my beautiful dragon. Spent some of my happiest moments with this guy💔” Richie captioned her Instagram.

Given that Jenner bought a horse less than a month after Richie’s passed away and named it the exact same name, fans were certain that she was trying to push the teenager’s buttons. Of course, this isn’t the first time Jenner has taken aim at Richie. Last week, she posted a now-deleted comment on  a fan-run Disick Instagram, sarcastically complimenting his relationship. “”Awww Scott and his kids,” she commented.

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Last year, on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Jenner also tried to stop Disick’s short-lived fling, Bella Thorne, from flying with him to Cannes, where they briefly hooked up. One might be able to understand why Jenner is trying to thwart Disick’s love life. For more than a decade, he dated her older sister Kourtney Kardashian, whom he shares three kids with.

As any defensive sister is, Jenner likely isn’t a fan of Disick flaunting his much-younger girlfriends in public. So she’s letting her opinion be known in the most adult way possible: Instagram shade. We’ll just sit back with our popcorn and watch the drama unfold.