Kendall Jenner Went Shopping For Sex Toys & Her Reason Why Is Surprising

Jenzia Burgos
Kendall Jenner
Photo: Shuttershock.

We love some scandalous behavior, and this week, it looks like we’re getting it in droves. Kendall Jenner shopping for sex toys for Hailey Baldwin’s bachelorette party is just the latest in salacious updates that we’ve received! You read that right: the 23-year-old model hit the town in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon in pursuit of X-rated goods, including but not limited to some giant dildos. Admittedly, it’s not quite the KarJenner news we were expecting, but it is news we didn’t know we needed until now. Bring on the bachelorette party antics!

Kendall—who was invited to 22-year-old Hailey Baldwin’s bachelorette party last night—was clearly on a mission when she entered the Hustler Store in West Hollywood with a friend. Photos show the New York Fashion Week star looking giddy and giggly as ever as she shopped the aisles. Unfortunately, no one was able to snap a picture of whatever she ended up buying in the moment—but by the look on her face, we know it was probably ridiculously sized and perfectly primed for a bachelorette party. Only the best and biggest for Mrs. Bieber!

It’s safe to assume, though, that some of the items purchased at Hustler did end up pictured in photos from later that night at Hailey’s party. Kendall and friends joined Hailey in wearing crude candy necklaces, drinking from phallic straws, and holding onto similarly shaped drinks. You can keep scrolling to see these (potentially) NSFW goodies below.

Kendall’s shopping spree comes only days ahead of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s wedding scheduled for this weekend on September 30. Hopefully, she’ll be in attendance, but the ceremony is reported to be extremely private and will take place at a church in Southern California.

Which, now that we mention it, will be probably a far cry from the wild bachelorette party that took place last night. Definitely no room for dildos, there!