Kendall Jenner Responded to Her Nude Photos Leaking in the Most Epic Way

Kendall Jenner
Photo: Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Longchamp.

Kendall Jenner isn’t letting her leaked nude pictures—and the body-shaming that came with them—ruin her week. On Tuesday, TMZ reported that naked photos of the 22-year-old running on the beach and riding a horse bareback leaked on the internet. The pictures were from photographer Russell James’s upcoming book, Angels, and were stolen from James and published without his permission, according to sources for TMZ.

Not everyone thought the nude pictures were so fire, however. The pictures, which also included shots of Jenner climbing a tree and lounging in a pool, soon led to body-shaming from critics who believed that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was “too skinny” and “needs to eat.”

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However, turns out, Jenner got the last word. On Wednesday, day after the leak, Jenner posted a video of her riding a horse on her Instagram story. The video, which featured Jenner clothed and riding a horse through a cobblestone street, was considered by many to be a reference to a nude picture that saw her riding a horse without any clothes or a saddle.

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Though it’s unclear if Jenner was directly referencing her nude photoshoot, the coincidence is there. Perhaps it’s to suggest that she’s getting back on the horse—both literally and figuratively. Either way, Jenner doesn’t deserve the body-shaming, so those who did so can take a hike.