Kendall Jenner Accused of Plastic Surgery for Her ‘Very Strange’ Face in This Selfie

Kendall Jenner
Photo: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner‘s best friend, Bella Hadid, might’ve ended an Instagram troll who accused the models of plastic surgery. But unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill and other trolls from coming forward with the same unfounded accusations. A day after Hadid’s take down, Jenner is in the center of the plastic-surgery gossip circle again for a “very strange” selfie that her hairstylist and friend, Jen Atkin, posted on Instagram.

Ahead of Jenner’s Adidas photoshoot in Shanghai, Atkin shared a photo of the model in full hair and makeup. The picture featured Jenner with a sleek, straight bob and accentuated eyes and lips. But not everyone was convinced that the model’s exaggerated features were a result of expertly done glam.

After Atkin posted the Instagram, she was flooded with comments accusing Jenner of undergoing plastic surgery to make her lips and cheeks look more full. Many critics pointed to the size of Jenner’s lips, which they suspected was a result of lip fillers. Others also accused Jenner of plumping her face with cheek fillers and even making her eyes look bigger and eyelids more hooded with an eyelid surgery.

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Likewise, several fans expressed their disappointment in Jenner, who one called “the only natural sister,” and scolded her for going under the knife. A few comments included:

“I hope she’s just drawing out her lips and not filling them.”

“She’s so naturally gorgeous but I hate that she got lip filler like Kylie and Khloe. She didn’t need it.”

“Is that Kendal Jenner? You were so beautiful before! Now you look puffy! Please stop💉before it’s too late…You are a natural beauty inside and out all the fillers in the face and lips is beginning to be very obvious. Take care of your skin but stop with all the nonsense of filling your face.”

“Stay away from plastic I thought u were different.”

“Either it’s a photoshop oops or too much work. Her eyes aren’t that big, or have that much lid and her lips look done.”

“what’s wrong with her eyeballs ??!!??”

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However, like several fans have pointed out, there are a lot of explanations for Jenner’s “very strange” look that have nothing to do with plastic surgery. Many have argued that Atkin’s filter could be responsible for the model’s larger-looking features. Also, as always, we can’t rule out the power of an exaggerated lip liner. Then there’s always the angle. (Jenner is a model and knows how to make her face look different for every job.)

No matter what the reason is, the plastic-surgery-shaming and incessant speculation needs to stop. Jenner’s body is her own and if she chooses to have plastic surgery, that choice is hers. Similarly, until Jenner confirms the plastic surgery rumors herself, they remain rumors. Can we let Jenner take selfies in peace without trolls looking into something that isn’t there? K. Thanks.