Kendall Jenner Buying an Orange Vanilla Coke That Casually Matches Her Dress Is a Big Mood

Maggie Griswold
Kendall Jenner Buying an Orange Vanilla Coke That Casually Matches Her Dress Is a Big Mood
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I’m a big fan of matching my accessories to my outfit—as are many other people. Finding the right purse, sunnies, earrings, etc. to pair with whatever I’m wearing at the moment is a fun task and one I do not take lightly. And, apparently, neither does Kendall Jenner, who, while wearing an orange dress, literally stopped at a bodega and bought a can of Orange Vanilla Coke that matched her ensemble perfectly. Did the model pick this particular brand and flavor of soda to go with her dress as a kind of accessory? Probably not, but I’m going to lean into this narrative anyway, because it’s too good to ignore. ~Let me investigate the situation.~

First, we have the super chic orange Bec And Bridge dress that Kendall Jenner wore around New York on Monday. There’s nothing unusual about it, of course. It’s just a dress that probably costs more than my rent paired with a simple (also probably more than my rent) white bag. Aside from some sparkle on her Amina Muaddi shoes, the celeb kept her outfit pretty low-key. (Already suspicious.)

Kendall Jenner

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Now, let me remind you of what a can of sweet, sweet, Orange Vanilla Coke looks like. Red, orange and white all melded together to create not only the perfect summer beverage, but in this case, the perfect summer accessory. (Cue the *dun dun* sound from Law and Order.)

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I mean, when Kendall Jenner stopped along her walk to pick up a little drink, why would anyone think anything much of it? I certainly didn’t—until I noticed that her drink had become the exact accessory her outfit was missing. We may never know if this beverage choice was a purposeful match to her outfit, but I have a feeling Kendall Jenner knew what she was doing, and it is, in fact, a big ass mood.

Kendall Jenner


Honestly, even if this pairing was accidental, I have nothing but respect for my queen. Being able to coincidentally pick up a little treat at a bodega and having it match your outfit is a special skill all on its own, and an energy I one day hope to have. Meanwhile, I’ll be drinking Diet Coke while wearing a Pepsi crop top from Forever 21, because that’s apparently who am.