Kendall Jenner Is Butt-Naked For Her Latest Jacquemus Modeling Gig

Bella Gerard
Kendall Jenner Is Butt-Naked For Her Latest Jacquemus Modeling Gig
Photo: iMaxTree.

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Usually, fashion ad campaigns feature…well, the clothes they’re meant to sell. But for accessories ads? Anything goes. No one knows that better than Kendall Jenner, who recently stripped allllll the way down for a photoshoot with Jacquemus to show off the brand’s new collection, La Montagne.

ICYMI…sex sells! And Jacquemus is looking to sell some handbags. The new photo, posted to the Jacquemus Instagram account, shows Jenner butt-naked, clinging to what appears to be a green cord (?) with green tennis balls at the top and bottom to stabilize her. The vertical length of the cord and Jenner’s pose appear to mirror pole dancing aesthetics—but hey, I wasn’t on set that day, so that’s just my best guess. Maybe they were going for nudist trapeze artist?

As for her look, Jenner wears nothing, but accessorizes with a gorgeous pink Le sac Ciuciu, worn for both fashion and modesty, as the long bag covers her exposed chest. On her feet, Jenner wears knee-high neon pink socks and bubblegum pink open-toed sandals, which just so happen to be the brand’s new Les mules carrés ronds.

Jenner’s glam featured a barely-there base, clean eye and strong brow. Her hair is smooth and straight with just a slight bend mid-shaft as it trails down her back, bringing attention to her massive gold hoop earrings, which have not yet become available on the brand’s site.

All in all, Jenner looks great—the ad certainly got my attention and I won’t lie, I’m seriously lusting after the Le sac Ciuciu after seeing it. Jenner’s nudity didn’t really sway me one way or another, but maybe that’s beside the point. Like I said, sex sells, and Jacquemus knows how to use this mantra and the power of social media to the brand’s advantage.

Exhibit B? The ultra-sexy going-out top of the moment, La maille neve, which has been referred to by many as “The Pin Top.”

The sweater, held together by the itty-bittiest gold Jacquemus logo and nothing else, has already been spotted on celebs like Bella Hadid. In fact, Jenner wore the short black version and another red version on the runway!

Jacquemus has been on the fashion set’s radar for quite some time now, but at the brand’s start, it was pigeon-holed by the success of its especially mini Le Chiquito handbags. Jacquemus became known as “the brand with those really small, impractical bags” and it didn’t seem like they could launch anything fresh enough to give the brand a different association.

So instead of trying desperately to break the mold, founder Simon Porte expanded it. Now, they have tons of different handbags to choose from, all of which are slightly reminiscent of Le Chiquito’s original charm, but with a fresh new feel that makes them even more exciting. Sadly, none of the bags are big enough to fit a bottle of 818 Tequila.

Pair all that with an incredible range of well-priced ready-to-wear (not pictured in this ad, but others!) and Jacquemus has solidified itself as one of the defining labels of 2020s style. When you see a trend trickle down to fast fashion retailers, there’s a good chance it was on the Jacquemus runway first.

But I digress! Jenner’s stripped-down ad may not be my personal favorite of the brand’s work, but she looks fabulous, and so does her Le sac Ciuciu. Like, I am very heavily debating purchasing this handbag. Let me know if I should replicate Jenner’s photo once I buy it. Anything for some IG likes, am I right?

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