Kendall Jenner Has the Most-Liked Instagram Photo of All Time

Rachel Krause

Kim Kardashian may be one of the top three most-followed celebrities on Instagram, but plot twist: it’s her little sister Kendall Jenner who’s beat her out for the most-liked photo of all time.

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The “Today” Show celebrated the beloved social media platform’s fifth birthday yesterday with a retrospective of the most double-tapped ‘grams ever, with Kendall taking the top spot for a shot of her lying down with her hair splayed out on the floor and arranged in a bunch of little hearts. With 3.1 million likes since it was posted 19 weeks ago, the photo beat out two of Taylor Swift‘s most-liked photos, which racked up 2.5 million a piece—despite Kendall’s smaller following of 38.2 million to T. Swift’s 49.8 million.

Between the carefully arranged hair, perfect brows, gorgeous lace dress, and geometric carpeting (nice touch!), Kendall’s snap was practically made for Instagram. We definitely double-tapped this one ourselves … but we’re just one in 3.1 million. For some perspective, that’s roughly the population of Mongolia.