Kendall Jenner’s Impression of Her Sister Kylie Is Actually So Perfect

Kim Wong-Shing
Kendall Jenner
Photo: Moon.

For the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the whole family decided to dress up as each other — and Kendall Jenner’s impression of sister Kylie is actually extremely spot-on. Okay, it’s pretty savage too. To absolutely no one’s surprise, there’s a lot of lipstick involved.

Kendall Jenner has always stood apart from her sisters, in terms of both her personal style and her approach to stardom. She’s always private about her relationships, she doesn’t have any kids, and she might be the goofiest sister of all. She definitely doesn’t shy away from offending her siblings, as evidenced by the time she literally ranked them from best to worst as mothers. (Rob was at the top, Kourtney was at the bottom. Ouch.)

So it’s not entirely surprising that, when the Kardashian-Jenners impersonated each other for KUWTK, Kendall did not hold back in the slightest. It probably helps that she was impersonating her sister Kylie, who’s easy to imitate because her signature look is so recognizable—bold overlined lips and a colorful wig. Kendall’s impression of Kylie was slightly savage, but also impressive! In a clip of the stunt, Kendall wears one of Kylie’s pink wigs and overlines her lips TO THE EXTREME. With Kylie Cosmetics lipstick, of course. She even gets some of the lipstick on her teeth… On purpose. “Oh my god, it feels amazing on my skin,” she jokes.

Later in the clip, Kendall changes up her lipstick to a more subtle and believable Kylie look. She then does some lipstick swatches on her arm, just like her sister. She calls Kylie on the phone to show off her new look. “You look cute as Kylie,” Kylie compliments her sister.

Kendall isn’t the only one to roast her family members in the episode, which airs on Sunday night. Kim dresses up as a very believable Khloé, and Kourtney seems to channel her sister Kim. Maybe the fam should go into acting?