Kendall Jenner Falling Off a Bike Is All Of Us: Watch

Lauren Caruso
Kendall Jenner Laughing
Photo: Getty Images

Got a minute? Here’s your mid-day roundup of all your need-to-know news in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and beyond.

Want to watch Kendall Jenner fall off of a bike and totally face-plant? [Instagram]

Does your hair truly change every seven years? [The Cut]

In another move to put it ahead of Snapchat, Instagram released InstaStory filters. [Bustle]

Paris Jackson‘s entire Teen Vogue interview was done via text, because teens. [Fashionista]

M.A.C. has a new color-changing lip gloss we all need in our lives. [Allure]

Here’s exactly how Kim Kardashian keeps her hair perfectly shiny all the time. [Marie Claire]

This company is making rompers for dudes. Ok. [Racked]

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