The Craziest Things Inside Kendall Jenner’s Closet

The Craziest Things Inside Kendall Jenner’s Closet
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As a Kardashian-Jenner, Kendall Jenner has a closet the size of a small city. So, understandably, she’s accumulated a lot of clothes over the years to fill that baby up. But the 21-year-old supermodel isn’t just your average hoarder.

You won’t find ratty t-shirts and outdated hand-me-downs in her wardrobe. Instead, her closet is filled to the brim with A-list gifts from her famous friends and family. (We can see why she doesn’t throw anything out.)

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In collaboration with Vogue and Condé Nast Entertainment, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star gave a 360-degree look into her closet, where she broke down all of her most prized possessions. First up: her favorite pair of shoes. While we can assume the runway walker has sported some drool-worthy footwear over the years, her favorite is actually a pair of 7-inch Alaïa boots given to her from her rapper brother-in-law, Kanye West.

Jenner’s boot fetish doesn’t end there. Throughout the video, the E! personality pulls out thigh-high boot after thigh-high boot, giving a little speech about each one. (Among her collection are stompers from Manolo Blahnik and Balenciaga.) The elder Jenner sister’s boot collection is so vast that she said her friends frequently attempt to raid it, until they try them on and learn that the boots are too tall for anyone without 5’10” supermodel-length legs.

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Also in Kendall’s closet are a few sentimental items tied to memories with her A-list idols. Among them are a Louis Vuitton fanny pack passed down from her grandmother, a Versace cut-out gown she sported in a photo op with Cindy Crawford, and a slinky metallic minidress in which she rang in her 21st birthday—which is nearly identical to the one Paris Hilton wore on her 21st birthday.

Go in the closet with Kendall, below. But beware of extreme clothing envy.

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