What Kendall Jenner Had to Say When She Was Caught with a Cigarette

What Kendall Jenner Had to Say When She Was Caught with a Cigarette
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It seems like everyone’s picking up a cigarette these days for the sake of the ‘Gram—Kendall Jenner included. After Kylie Jenner sparked controversy when she puffed a cig in a series of artsy, black-and-white Instagrams, Kendall was careful to follow in her younger sister’s footsteps.

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So when the 21-year-old model decided to post her own artsy smoking picture—sans all clothes, of course—she made sure to be transparent about her smoking habits. In the “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” star’s latest Instagram, Kendall can be seen laying naked on a table with her head resting on her hand. Given Kendall’s recent viral underboob picture, a nude selfie isn’t completely out of the ordinary. What did catch our attention, however, was the very obvious cigarette between her fingers.

While it’s hard to tell if the cig is lit, the older Jenner sister knew better than to post a smoking picture without any commentary. So her caption explained it all: “i don’t smoke.” Short and straight to the point.

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Though we commend Kendall for setting the record straight to her followers about her smoking habits, there are still problems with her selfie. Despite not actually puffing out smoke in her picture—like Kylie did in her ‘grams—Kendall is still glamorizing smoking (a pretty dangerous habit, mind you) to 82 million Instagram followers.

It’s great she added a caption disclaiming the cigarette, but the picture will likely be reposted on the Internet sans caption where people will take it for face value. On a lighter note, at least the girl knows how to take one heck of a nude selfie.