Kendall Jenner Burglarized—and Cops Allegedly Say It’s an Inside Job

Kendall Jenner Burglarized—and Cops Allegedly Say It’s an Inside Job
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Early this morning, Kendall Jenner called 911 and reported a burglary at her residence in Los Angeles, as TMZ reports. Apparently, she reported the alleged burglary at 1:15 a.m.—and there are two variations of the story. According to TMZ, Jenner was not burglarized—she may have been robbed, but it was an inside job, their law enforcement sources allegedly say. TMZ writes that Jenner had a big party last night, and “at some point in the evening she heard an alarm warning that someone opened a door, but she thought nothing of it.”

They also say that she left at midnight for about an hour, and her friends were still at her place. When she returned, she found her jewelry box was open, and $200,000 worth of bling was missing.

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Initially, TMZ reported that Jenner called 911 after she heard a strange noise, and thought there might be an intruder in her home. The police didn’t find anyone suspicious, though. Thing is, if it was an inside job, and if the theft occurred while she was out of the house, it wouldn’t technically be a burglary—it would be a robbery.

Sounds like there are differing stories here, but it’s very possible that some of this has been lost in translation. Though TMZ is generally a pretty good source of reliable information when it comes to police sources, it’s strange that they’re reporting that Jenner had called 911 about an intruder, and law enforcement later allegedly said it was an inside job. We’re sure there’s more to this story, and we imagine more news will come to light soon. (For example: What kind of friend goes upstairs and steals $200K of jewels?) Stay tuned.

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