Kendall Jenner Shows Fans How Happy She Is with a Boob Pic on Instagram

Guys, Kendall Jenner really loves you. So much, in fact, that she’s shared her favorite photo of herself with her fans (40 million of them, which she makes a point to note) in a new Instagram snap. And a full boob is involved.


“My favorite photo of myself for all 40 mill of you. genuine happiness…taken by lil Ky @490tx,” the 20-year-old captioned the photo. (In case you’re unaware, @490tx is an “iPhone artiste” who has almost half a million Instagram fans. We’re unclear on his involvement in K’s sorta NSFW photo.)

We totally get that Kendall’s in a happy place right now: She celebrated her 20th birthday on Tuesday with a massive party, she’s on the road to model superstardom, and she just booked the Victoria’s Secret runway show. So she’s … communicating her gratitude with a nip pic. OK.