Is Kendall Jenner’s Blazer Dress a New Take on the Shirtdress?

Maggie Griswold
Is Kendall Jenner’s Blazer Dress a New Take on the Shirtdress?
Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images.

Though she’s taking a break from strutting the catwalks this season, Kendall Jenner has still been making a splash during NYFW. After making one of her first appearances—front row at the Longchamp show—the model has continuously proven she (and her love for fashion) are not going anywhere. On Tuesday, Kendall Jenner wore a blazer dress to the Stuart Weitzman NYFW show that has me wondering: Is this a new take on the shirtdress, or is Jenner just wearing a blazer with no pants?

This just in: it’s a blazer without pants. The model attended the Stuart Weitzman show in a rust Blazé Milano blazer and sheer black tights—no pants necessary. Honestly, I guess no shirt was necessary, either, because Jenner rocked that blazer without anything underneath it. I assume she only added tights because NYC is freezing right now, and a model’s got to protect her assets. Regardless, Kendall Jenner rocked a blazer as a dress, and I just really respect that, TBH.

shutterstock 10103273c Is Kendall Jenner’s Blazer Dress a New Take on the Shirtdress?


In addition to the barely-there tights, Kendall Jenner wore black gloves with the ensemble—a cold weather accessory that probably did more to keep the model warm than the rest of her outfit did. She also paired the dress with gorgeous gold earrings that almost look serpent-inspired, nude heels and a Louis Vitton purse. Hair pulled back and highlighter done to perfection (Seriously, I can see my reflection in her cheekbones), Kendall Jenner has once again served us an incredible look—and she’s not even wearing half of a full outfit.

In case you want to copy Jenner’s no-pants ‘fit, the Blazé Milano everyday blazer is still available in a couple (very small) sizes. Meanwhile, I’ll be rocking my own no-pants look in the form of a very large t-shirt I stole from my dad and house slippers. It’s called fashion, sweetie. Look it up.