WYD, Kendall Jenner? This Week’s Social Media Fails

Kendall Jenner
Photo: Getty Images

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that means most of our Instas are filling up with pics of peeps on beaches or roof decks or yachts if your friends are fancy AF. But Insta wouldn’t be Insta without those random pics from celebs that make you go, “Wait, what?” Sometimes they’re awkward, sometimes they’re weird, sometimes they’re fails. But they always beg the question, “So… what are you doing?”

Kendall Jenner, WYD?

I literally do not understand why four fully-dressed supermodels are in a bathtub but I’m slightly obsessed with it, to be honest. They all look so happy even though any person in that position would obviously be extremely uncomfortable. What is the objective here? Also, why is Kendall serving so much face? Is this fashion? I don’t know.

Follow up question for Kendall: is this fashion?

Serving you so much millennial pink! Serving you so much serious face! And serving you… a blowup flamingo and a throwback two-piece bathing suit? This is a whole lotta look in one shot. Not to mention that this floating flamingo is totally landlocked. I don’t want to burst your bubble, Kendall, but whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.

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But what do I know? Maybe it’s a trend. Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez seems to already be on board.

What are you doing, Gina Rodriguez?

How are we feeling about unicorns after the great Frappuccino Incident of spring 2017? I feel like the jury is still out of magical beasts. You either love them or hate them. But what’s the verdict on blow-up magical beasts? What about blow-up magical beasts that float but are not currently floating or water-adjacent? I am perplexed about this. What are you doing?

Speaking of magical creatures…

Lisa Van Der Pump! What are you doing?

Lisa is doing the absolute most in this outfit for a Pride festival. How many Muppets had to give their lives for the look? I’m especially obsessed with the random assortment of pompoms on top. This is half arts-and-crafts, half Met Gala realness and I’m shook. I’m honestly so torn. On one hand, I love a cape and a hat. On the other hand, it’s both trying too hard and not hard enough. Maybe some sequins!

On the subject of big looks…

WYD, Andy Cohen?

OMG this suit is so much! Is it too much? I don’t even know anymore. But this is a whole look. The suit, the shoes, the tie, the jumping! All of this is a promo for his new series “Love Connection,” but honestly I don’t see why he doesn’t rock this look every day. What are you doing? Giving me David S. Pumpkins on Valentine’s Day vibes. Andy has been especially on trend lately. When the “RompHim” Kickstarter blew up, Andy was quick to point out he’s been romping for years.

Who knew that Andy Cohen had more legs than a bucket of chicken? He’s looking like an absolute snack here. I’m tempted to ask WYD about this one, too, but I think we all know: thirst trapping like a boss. This is what Insta was made for, Andy; carry on.

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