Kendall Jenner Shares Cheeky Photo That You Def Didn’t See in ‘Vogue’

We all know by now that Kendall Jenner is pretty hot, but she just dropped an image of herself taken by famed fashion photogs Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott on her IG, and let us just take a moment to say: Wow. Girl looks good.

The 20-year-old reality star/model/socialite usually keeps things pretty PG on her IG (see what we did there?), but perhaps she was feeling particularly, uh, cheeky, because this photo—an outtake from her September cover story for Vogue—is definitely … on the sexy side. “unpublished by @mertalas + @macpiggott,” she wrote. Indeed.

Jenner just told Vogue that she wishes more people would notice her ass, so perhaps she’s just taking matters into her own hands, figuratively and also literally. In a recent “73 Questions” video the mag did with Jenner, they asked, “What’s something about you that you wished more people focused on?” Kenny simply answered, “My ass.” Of all the things in the world that people could focus on—one’s wit, good nature, charm, kindness—Jenner just wants people to check out her ass.

Consider it done, Kendall.