Desperate or Harmless? Kelly Osbourne Posts Naked Butt on Instagram

Thanks to social media, narcissism is a full-blown epidemic, and Kelly Osbourne has clearly been infected. The 29-year-old “Fashion Police” host posted a photo to Instagram with her jeans around her knees displaying a bright pink thong and her naked ass. Why? Because that’s what people do now.

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Osbourne captioned the photo “It’s not a #FullMoon but it feels like one! Good luck everyone tonight!” referring to a 24-hour theater event she took part in, while her hairstylist and friend, Ryan Randall, sits next to her, checking out the view.

Honestly, as much as we value Instagram, we’re kinda over celebrities using any old excuse to post revealing pictures of themselves.

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We’re sure seeing the “likes” and the comments and press roll in can be fairly addictive, but the fact is, you don’t do these things if you’re uncomfortable with yourself. So by sharing these types of photos with millions of followers, you’re clearly sending a message that you love the way you look. And while there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that—women should be confident—it’s starting to read more desperate and and less spontaneous when the imagery is overtly sexual.

In the push of a button, Kelly’s one million-plus followers are aware that her ass looks great in a thong, and so is pretty much anyone who went on the Internet in the last couple of days. We don’t know about you, but—even in today’s decidedly un-modest world—that just seems weird.

What do you think? Are celebs posting too many naked photos to social media? Weigh in below!