Kelly Osbourne on Everyone Copying Her Pastel Hair: ‘The More, the Merrier’

Leah Bourne
Wheat Thins Popped Launch with Kelly Osbourne

Photo Courtesy of Wheat Thins

Kelly Osbourne has always been a trendsetter. From appearing in a reality show with her family way before anyone knew who the Kardashians were, to jumpstarting the pastel hair trend long before Nicole Richie, KeshaRachel McAdams or Lauren Conrad had even thought of it—she’s always been a solid barometer of what’s next.

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Besides setting trends, she’s one busy girl. Just a few projects on her docket these days: She continues to co-host E!’s “Fashion Police,” there’s the colorful MAC Cosmetics line she worked on with her mother Sharon, and she’s voicing a character on Disney’s animated show “7D.” Her latest? Partnering with Wheat Thins on their new launch Popped, a slam dunk for Osbourne who attests to being a longtime fan of the healthy cracker, relying on them as a healthy snack during meetings and post-workouts.

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We caught up with Kelly to discuss this new project and more including her lavender hair, getting ready for the Emmy’s, eating healthy on the go, and an update on her upcoming fashion line.

StyleCaster: We hear that you’re on a whole new healthy living kick. Tell us about it. 

Kelly Osbourne: I’ve been working really hard with a trainer doing circuit training, it’s really a new health kick for me. After the gym, I get so hungry, so I really will eat Wheat Thins Popped. That’s my snack. I actually just got back from the gym and I’m eating them right now.

You’re constantly traveling and the go. How do you eat healthy and look good when your on the move? 

You know what they say, the bigger the handbag, the more mental baggage a woman is carrying around. So I have a kit that I carry around—there’s usually a snack like Wheat Thins Popped, I have my reusable water bottle—I try to not buy that much plastic—baby wipes, a toothbrush, a change of underwear, flat shoes, and double stick tape. But I try to not carry around too much, never clothes, and never a lot of food.

Fashion-wise, what have you been living in this summer?

Since I moved [recently], it’s funny, but I’ve found all of this stuff that I thought I lost forever, from like eight to ten years ago, that I’ve been wearing—like skinny jeans. But people joke that summer is really not my season. My friends call me Elvira and call my house the Coven.

Since you’re not a summer girl, what are you dying to wear come fall?

There so many trends that I love coming up, but I really love the ’50s thing where you have a bra—a not too coney bra—peeking through a cardigan, tucked into a poodle skirt. I’ll definitely be wearing that.

The Emmy’s are coming up, have you found a dress yet? 

The Emmy’s are difficult to find a dress for, for many reasons. You want something from the runway that’s fall, but it’s still summer outside. [At the same time] the fashion world is six months ahead, so you don’t want to wear a full summer look. I’m lucky that I have a couple of designers making me a gown.

What gives you that “aha” moment when it comes to choosing a red carpet dress?

Physically, I stand in front of a [particular] mirror, I call it the mirror of confidence. I don’t know why, but I stand in front of it when I do my regular fittings, and when I’m about to leave, and I get that confidence, and I just know.

We have to ask: What do you think about everyone copying your lavender hair?

I say the more, the merrier. Be brave and independent. Pretty recently, they accidentally dyed my hair a normal color, and I actually felt uncomfortable, I didn’t feel right to not have my hair be lavender. The color of my hair helps me feel independent—it’s my natural tone now.

We’ve been hearing rumors about you doing a fashion line for a while now—tell us where you are with it.

It’s launching really soon. I can’t tell you the name of the line yet, but you’ll hear about it soon. I feel really nervous that it’s finally happening. It’s taken me ten years, ten amazing years of learning about the manufacturing process, about fabrics, finding out what a poly blend is. I wanted clothing that women size 0 to 24 could wear, women of all shapes and sizes, to give them clothes that are classy and fun. Now that it is happening, it’s definitely been hard to sleep at night.