Kelly Logan Gould: Featured Expert Of The Week

Summer K

Kelly Logan Gould is more than just a makeup junkie — she’s a make up junkie on a mission. A commercial producer by day, this beauty lovin’ babe splits her off time between running Karma Dogs, a non-profit organization (dedicated to improving the lives of others through the use of therapy animals) and contemplating her latest lipstick purchase (nothing can ever top that first tube of red she got at age four).

A talented multi-tasker, Kelly sees herself as a modern day fairytale in motion. “Like a twisted version of Goldilocks, I’m never satisfied and I’m always looking for something to make me feel and look better,” she tells us.

Beauty, brains and a heart of of gold — sounds like the perfect person to offer up advice on everything from cruelty-free products to the latest red carpet trends, right?

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