Kelly Cutrone + Blondie + Joan Jett = Fashion Dream Team?


Sure, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Kelly Cutrone is fashionher PR firm People’s Revolution boasts clients like Jeremy Scott and Mara Hoffman, her day-to-day operations have been featured on The Hills, The City and Kell on Earth, and her bestselling tough-love novel If You Have To Cry, Go Outside has turned her into the go-to guru for advice on breaking into the fashion industry.

However, the woman who admittedly wears nothing but black isn’t the first person I would turn to for style tips, and the last person I’d expect to start her own clothing line. Looks like I was wrong.

Cutrone, along with her business partner Robyn Berkley and Chris Burch (Tory’s ex-husband), is launching a line of sportswear called Electric Love Army, which will hit stores in February 2012. According to WWD, the affordable line is inspired by powerful, iconic women throughout the agesCher, Joan Jett, Katy Perry, Debbie Harryand Cutrone envisions her clothes appealing to some cool granola girl mixed with the ultimate fashion chick.

As the name implies, we shouldn’t anticipate some Rick Owens-y, monochromatic collection that would mirror the PR maven’s wardrobethe clothing will be “sexy and fun,” with T-shirts, dresses, and colorful denim. Women all over the country look up to Cutrone, so accessibility is a top priority for the brand, with retail prices ranging from $30 to $300.

I’ve admired Cutrone for her no-bullshit attitude, her emphasis on hard work and her empowering spirit since I first saw her take Lauren Conrad under her wing on The Hills. Plus, her book is a greatperhaps essentialread. I can’t fathom how it’s possible for the woman to possibly take on another project, and I’m not quite sure how much of a hand she’ll have in actually designing the clothes, but I’m pretty excited to see what my power-bitch icon has in store.

Would you wear colorful clothes designed by Kelly Cutrone?

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