Kelly Cutrone: 10 Best Moments from Kell on Earth


For anyone who expected Bravo’s Kell on Earth last night to be a slightly edgier version of the People’s Revolution you saw on The Hills, be forewarned. For anyone planning to move to New York to pursue fashion based entirely on multiple viewings of The Devil Wears Prada…watch this show. Because this is how it is.

In what was probably the most realistic reality show since, well…maybe nothing (sorry, Snooki), Kell on Earth follows People’s Revolution’s Kelly Cutrone around her own fashion world, taking along her partner Robyn, whom she dubs “Snow White with razor blades,” and her cutthroat team, as well as interns who are hanging on for dear life. Kelly’s professionalism mixed with her love for her team is inspiring, if not a bit reminiscent of Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill-style. Watch this show, and know that this is fashion. You can’t swim with sharks without ruining your manicure in the process.

Here are our ten favorite Kelly moments from last night’s premiere. Can’t wait for next week…this is one of the few shows we will pay $1.99 on iTunes for.

10) How about when Andrew accidentally RSVPed Cathy Horyn for the Chado Ralph Rucci show, when she wasn’t invited. Did they uninvite Cathy Horyn??? (Gasp!)

9) When an intern was asked to flawlessly clean and revamp the showroom for a client’s visit…twice. Then the client was never even taken to said showroom (how many fashion interns have a story like that? Uh-huh).

8) “I was working in L.A. in Beverly Hills as a hair colorist — I left everything I had in California. It was a successful career mind you, to come to New York and be called a retard.” — Andrew S., Robyn’s assistant.

7) “Pharmaceuticals really help in People’s Revolution. If I offer you an Ativan, just take it, it helps!” — Andrew S., again. Uhhhhh…..Andrew, stop talking.

6) “I don’t want to dress up if I’m going to be in the third row. The point to dress up is you want people to see you.” — Ava, Kelly’s 7-year-old daughter. Adorable.

5) “What I love about David Delfin is he’s always grateful, he always says thank you, and you know what? That’s a really, really, rare thing in the fashion business.” Take note, people. Remember what your mama taught you.

4) “On one hand, I’m a very independent, ball-busty powergirl, then on the other hand I’m like a 1950s housewife.” — Kelly, on being a single mom/powerwoman.

3) “Please, Andrew…you’re going to have a three-way with him and his boyfriend?” — Kelly, after trying to hook her assistant up with a Spanish model falls through.

2) “I know people use the word couture like Juicy Couture, or ‘oh, I have a couture dress,’ well you really don’t. A couturier is someone who is a member of The Federation of Couture.” — Kelly. Amen.

1) “Where you sit first of all, says how much power you have, how much money you have, or where your level of importance is in the fashion industry. So if you are in rows one, two, or three, you’re in the game. If you’re in any row above row three, you’re not in the game.” — Kelly, on the importance of seating.

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